11 Hot Celebrities Who Have Stretch Marks Just Like You Do

There are 11 celebrities who aren’t ashamed of their stretch marks as well – in fact, they’re even embracing them.

1. Jessica Alba

“Even though some might consider them a flaw, I’ve learned to love my stretch marks. Pregnancy was the most incredible experience I’ve ever had. So I’ll take the stretch marks. I’ll take the cellulite I can never get rid of.”

2. Cindy Crawford

The former supermodel has showed off her belly and stretch marks in a bikini but she’s as confident as ever.

3. Angelina Jolie

Apparently she has ’em. “I love it. It makes me feel like a woman. It makes me feel that all the things about my body are suddenly there for a reason. It makes you feel round and supple, and to have a little life inside you is amazing.”

4. Julia Roberts

Roberts bared her belly in a bikini on the beach back in 2009 with a huge smile! She was said to be “a heroine for real women” after baring her stretch marks.

5. Kate Winslet

After the film, Little Children, Hollywood was all abuzz not only because of a few fairly graphic scenes but more importantly because Kate Winslet was bold enough to show off her stretch marks. The critics praised Winslet for accepting her post-baby body.

6. Reese Witherspoon

“I am covered in stretch marks and cellulite but it doesn’t bother me at all. My body will never be the same again but I really don’t care.”

7. Halle Berry

The stunning actress has a few faint marks, as seen near her hip in this dress, but she doesn’t care to hide them!

8. Jennifer Lopez

“I remember my flabby belly hanging out right after I gave birth…I kind of laughed and said to Marc, ‘Look, baby! Isn’t this crazy?’ I just didn’t care.’ You get to the point where you’re like, Where am I? What happened to me? I got to get myself together for my kids, you know? They need to know what I really look like.”

9. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has stretch marks on her cleavage, and she isn’t afraid to show them.

10. Britney Spears

After having two kids, it’s no surprise that Britney Spears has stretch marks.

11. Shakira

Shakira has stretch marks on her stomach and her curvy hips.

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