8 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Australia

Our planet is an interesting place. The world we live in is full of interesting countries. Each of them is unique and special. The article below tells you a few curious things every traveller should know before visiting Australia. Pay attention to the following:

1. Some species of jellyfish can cause lots of trouble.

One of such species is a box jellyfish. This sort of jellyfish might be the cause of death if you do not seek medical assistance immediately. Box jellyfish can be found along the Great Barrier Reef where plenty of them are floating. Be careful if one of your destinations is the area where box jellyfish exist.

2. Australia is known for its dangerous species of fish, too.

There you can find plenty of sharks. Some of the most aggressive species are the bull shark, the great white shark and the tiger shark. All of the mentioned sharks tend to attack people.

3. Only the great white shark is more dangerous and aggressive than the tiger shark.

The tiger shark often attacks people. Fortunately, most cases are not fatal and people are saved. This species is found along canals, harbors, and shallow reefs.

4. The island state of Tasmania is known for its Tasmanian devils.

The Tasmanian devil is a carnivorous marsupial that is said to be the largest in the world. It is reported that Tasmanian devils murder their victims and then eat their bodies. Some believe that Tasmanian devils can eat people that wander into the forest.

5. The redback spider is another dangerous creature living in Australia.

You’ll need anti-venom if the spider bites you.

6. A cassowary is a bit smaller than an average ostrich.

This flightless bird has sharp claws which the cassowary uses as a weapon. The bird becomes aggressive and protects itself by kicking the animals or humans trying to provoke it.

7. The frilled-neck lizard has sharp incisors.

They remind of razors and are used by the lizard to defeat its enemies in fights.

8. Who might ever think that Australian Quokkas would be included in the list of the most dangerous animals living in Australia! They are cute yet you should avoid the animal since its bite is really painful.

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