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Top 7 Natural Wonders of the World

Our Earth is full of marvels carved out by nature. Gigantic mountains, breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls, fiery volcanoes, mysterious forests and many more beauties like that. But some stand out among the rest. The top seven natural wonders of the world are: Grand Canyon – Grand means large and Canyon means big crack in the ground. Grand Canyon refers to a place in Arizona, United …

12 Crazy Illusion Tattoos That Will Make You Scream

1. The “Clawed by a werewolf” effect. 2. “Oh, this? Just an emerald-eyed monster hiding out beneath my flesh.” 3. “Cut me and I bleed America.” 4. “I’m so cultured and literary I have Latin texts in place of a skeleton.” To Watch More Beautiful and Crazy Illusion Tattoos, Click on the “Next” button below. So you can view More.

9 Incredible Travel Experiences to Have Once in Your Life

What makes your heart rate speed up? For all travel lovers, shutter-bugs and adventure seekers out there, here’s the ultimate list of incredible travel experiences that will blow your mind, change your world view and let you dig down deep into foreign culture. 1. See sunrise over Bagan Temples in Myanmar Imagine over 2000 temples, lying down in the valley …